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About Balzer Meat

With over 15 years of experience, Balzer Meat excels in providing top-quality meat products. Sourced from carefully selected cows and bulls, our beef ensures rich protein and only the best flavor. Savory taste lean and mild poultry complement the richness of our offer. This, complete with proven transport allow us to guarantee reliable, fresh deliveries tailored to meet your needs.


Frozen meat

Each product is expertly frozen to preserve its freshness and flavor, providing a convenient and reliable option for your culinary needs.

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Broad spectrum of meat sourced from bull, heifer and cow coming from best farms.

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One of the most popular meats around the world. Our chickens, turkeys and ducks will suit your will meet your most stringent requirements.

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Our livestock offerings include premium beef sourced from trusted farms in all sizes and weights.

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Animal By-Products

The ABPs (animal by-products) are animal carcasses, parts of animals, or other materials which come from animals but are not meant for humans to eat.

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Canned meat

Balzer Meat Canned Meat is engineered for prolonged shelf life without compromising on taste or quality.

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