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Wholesale supplies of dairy raw materials for further food production, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Our offer includes variety of powdered milk options, whether you require skimmed, whole, or flavored powdered milk. Balzer Milk provide a diverse range of choices to satisfy every preference. We pride ourselves on quality control of the products and proven methods of transport; land, air or water. Dynamics, flexibility and consistency in action have allowed us to build a network of contacts on a global scale, thanks to which our clients - from all over the world - stay with us for years.


Our high-quality milk powders are sourced from premium dairy farms, ensuring a rich and creamy taste in every scoop. Ideal for baking, cooking, and beverages, our milk powders provide a convenient and long-lasting alternative to fresh milk without compromising on flavor.

Skimmed milk powder
Skimmed milk powder is a low-fat dairy product made by removing water from fresh skimmed milk. It retains essential nutrients like calcium and protein while offering versatility in cooking, baking, and beverages. Our premium-quality powder ensures freshness and purity for all your culinary needs."

Full-fat milk powder
Full-fat milk powder, also called whole milk powder, is made by evaporating moisture from fresh whole milk, resulting in a product that retains natural fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is commonly used in baking, cooking, and beverages for its rich flavor and creamy texture

Milk protein concentrate
Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is a powdered dairy product with concentrated levels of milk proteins. It's valued for its versatility and high protein content, making it suitable for a wide range of food products.

Powdered buttermilk
Powdered buttermilk is made by dehydrating buttermilk, retaining its tangy taste and creamy texture. It's commonly used in baking for added flavor and moisture in recipes like pancakes and biscuits. Convenient and versatile, it's a favorite among cooks for its long shelf life and easy incorporation into recipes.

Powdered cream
Powdered cream is a dairy product made by evaporating moisture from fresh cream, resulting in a fine powder with a creamy texture and rich flavor. It's a convenient alternative to liquid cream and is commonly used in various culinary applications Powdered cream offers versatility and prolonged shelf life, making it an excellent choice for commercial use.

Casein and caseinates
Acid Casein powder, derived from skimmed milk through a meticulous coagulation process with acidic whey. Renowned for its versatility, it enhances texture and stability in various food products. Our Acid Casein powder meets rigorous quality standards, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

Yogurt preparations
Presenting our yogurt preparations, formulated from top-quality skimmed milk powder. Designed to deliver exceptional taste and texture, these blends provide a convenient option for crafting delicious yogurt products. Streamline your production process and enrich your product line with our versatile yogurt preparations.

Our whey powders are derived from the finest dairy sources, offering a high-protein, low-fat supplement perfect for athletes and health enthusiasts. Easily mixable and versatile, our whey powders enhance smoothies, shakes, and other various recipes.

Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is a powdered form of whey protein extracted from milk. It's popular for its high protein content and rapid absorption, making it ideal for muscle recovery and growth. Used in protein shakes, bars, and other supplements, it's a valuable addition to any diet.

Powdered cream
Powdered cream is a dairy product made by evaporating moisture from fresh cream, resulting in a fine powder with a creamy texture and rich flavor. It's a convenient alternative to liquid cream and is commonly used in various culinary applications Powdered cream offers versatility and prolonged shelf life, making it an excellent choice for commercial use.

The product obtained by removing protein and selected minerals and lactose from whey. Lowering raw material costs, rich in lactose and mineral salts. It has a very positive effect on the proper coloring of bread crust, appearance, color, taste, and texture of the finished product. It reduces the need for sweetening agents in bread. Extends the shelf life, increasing its value.

Our premium lactose powder, sourced from pasteurized sweet whey and processed through advanced filtration, crystallization, and drying techniques. With its rich flavor and versatility, our lactose enhances a variety of dishes while offering extended shelf life and reduced need for additional sweeteners.

Our block butter, made from fresh, high-quality cream, offers a rich and creamy taste ideal for cooking and baking. Perfect for enhancing the flavor of your dishes, it ensures consistent and delicious results every time.

Our anhydrous milk fat, derived from pure dairy cream, is perfect for baking and confectionery. It offers a rich taste and smooth texture, enhancing the quality of your products.

Our spreadable fats, crafted for versatility, are perfect for cooking, baking, and spreading. They offer a smooth texture and rich flavor, making them ideal for a variety of culinary applications.

Our margarine, made from high-quality vegetable oils, is perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading. It provides a smooth texture and consistent flavor for all your culinary needs.

Our refined palm oil, sourced from sustainable plantations, is ideal for cooking and frying. It offers a neutral flavor and high stability.

Our refined coconut oil, sourced from high-quality coconuts, is perfect for cooking and baking. It offers a neutral taste and high heat stability.

Our fat blends, made from a mix of high-quality oils and fats, are perfect for baking, frying, and cooking. They provide a balanced flavor and excellent performance in kitchen.

Our cheeses, crafted from the finest dairy, offer a range of flavors and textures to suit any dish.

Our pizza cheese, made from high-quality dairy, melts perfectly for a rich and stretchy texture. Ideal for topping pizzas, it delivers a delicious and consistent flavor every time.

Our industrial cheeses, produced from top-quality dairy, are designed for food manufacturing and processing. They offer reliable performance and consistent flavor, ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

Cheese substitutes offer a dairy-free alternative with the same rich, creamy texture and flavor as traditional cheese, ideal for those with dietary restrictions.

Our mozzarella, crafted from premium dairy, provides a rich, creamy flavor and perfect melt. Ideal for pizzas, salads, and Italian dishes, it offers a delightful, stretchy texture every time.

Our cheese curds, made from fresh, high-quality milk, offer a mild flavor and a squeaky texture. Perfect for snacking or adding to dishes like poutine, they provide a delicious and unique cheese experience.

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We offer innovative packing machines that are completely overhauled and prepared to operate at the highest level of efficiency. They are designed for various food products, including butter, lard, margarine, quark, cheese and many others. The machines are ready for immediate use, ensuring a quick and seamless packing process for our customers.

We provide cutting machines tailored to meet diverse needs, ensuring precision and efficiency in slicing various types of cheeses. They are equipped with advanced features and technologies to streamline the cheese cutting process, optimizing productivity and quality. From semi-hard cheese ribbons/bars to yellow cheese blocks, our cutting machines offer versatility and reliability to meet the demands of different cheese processing operations.

We offer comprehensive production lines designed to handle various stages of cheese processing, from cutting and packaging to labeling and quality control. Our production lines are meticulously crafted to cater to the specific requirements of different cheese types, ensuring seamless integration and high throughput. From cutting and packing yellow cheese blocks into smaller pieces to processing semi-hard cheese ribbons/bars, our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to deliver optimal efficiency and quality output. Among the producers are: ALPMA, CRYOVAC, FERRARI, BIZERBA, UNILOGO, SARTORIUS, PFM TORNADO, DIBAL, LOMA


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